SmartStartMenu 1.55

Stop searching through your Start menu


  • Works very fast
  • Adds new functions to context menu


  • Interface doesn't look nice
  • Uses taskbar space

Not bad

Windows users are always looking for faster, more comfortable ways to access files and applications. SmartStartMenu is another alternative to the traditional Start menu, enabling you to open files and launch apps just by typing their name.

The program uses the taskbar to display a small text field where you can enter the name of the file or program you want to open. This means that you'll have to renounce some taskbar space if you want to use SmartStartMenu. The text field design is not very polished and doesn't look very nice in the taskbar, but you can set it to use Windows colors so that it looks a bit better.

SmartStartMenu also adds new commands to the context menu of files and folders, with which you can copy their complete or short paths to the Clipboard.

SmartStartMenu is the new program launcher that will do the searching for you! It turns the task of opening any program, document, folder, or website into a two or three key-stroke effort!

SmartStartMenu uses high performance scanning technology to locate items on your start menu and in other locations on your hard drive. Scanning can be done anytime you want... even during system startup. Once scanning is completed you simply type a few letters and SmartStartMenu will use type-ahead technology to generate an alphabetized list of items that match the criteria for you to select from.



SmartStartMenu 1.55

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